Sunday, February 16, 2014

Costing Cosmo

Visiting the library is a way to read magazines for free! Usually you can't check out the most recent issues, but you can find a comfy chair and read it while you're there. You can take home the previous month's issue for up to 3 weeks. Returning the magazine when you're done reading also prevents them from piling up on the floor of your room.

Another alternative to paying the cover price of a magazine you continue to buy month after month is subscribing. I'm grabbing a calculator....Let's do math!:

Cosmopolitan newsstand cover price: $3.99 per issue  --> $47.88 for 12 issues

Cosmopolitan subscription: $15 / 12 issues = $1.25 per issue

A great example of saving money without completely giving up the fun extras --& maybe you can use the extra cash for sweets!

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  1. I personally love going the library - so I will use any excuse I can to get there. Just the smell of the books and the quite, peaceful atmosphere. Love it!

    Also, I have to agree purchasing via subscription is always the best choice. Normally, if you give a gift subscription normally they will give you a year at a deep deep deep discount!

    1. Love that you also like reading :) Good point about the gift subscription, that reminds me that some magazines also will include a free gift like a cosmetic bag.