Wednesday, March 12, 2014

$1 Cupcakes

   Today after lunch we went to a local bakery for dessert. This week all desserts including classic cupcakes,    gourmet cupcakes, cream horns, and sugar cookies were all  $1. Many of the cupcake flavors are            
   regularly priced $1.75 --> that's a 43% savings : ) 

    The bakery is decorated with beautiful displays in the photos below giving it a "shabby chic" feel.

    And of course the desserts are delicious! 

   Springtime sugar cookie

German Chocolate (left) and Butter Pecan (right)

    What's your favorite unique cupcake flavor?


  1. My favorite cupcake of ALL TIME was this place in Atlanta. It was a chocolate cupcake with a ganache filling and cream cheese icing. IT WAS TO DIE FOR! SO GOOD!!!

    1. That sound amazing! Have you ever made a gourmet cupcake? My friend and I made strawberry shortcake cupcakes from a recipe book that has hundreds of cupcake recipes..... maybe I will post about this